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German language Luchador add-on pack now on Spieleschmiede


German Language add-on pack for Luchador! on Spieleschmiede
It’s been coming….and now, it’s really happening!  SpielPic

We have teamed up with Happy Shops in Germany so they can produce a German language translation add-on pack for Luchador! totally compatibly with our game. It’s on a German crowd-funding website called Spieleschmiede from NOW until 20 September 2016. Here is the link to the Spieleschmiede page.


Gen Con Indy 2016
We came, we saw, we……did a lot of playing games!
Our first Backspindle Games at Gen Con. Where exactly do we start? It feels like an Oscar acceptance speech…we were made feel SO SPECIAL. Our thanks goes out to everyone in Ninja Division for looking out for us, demoing our games and hanging out with us. AVPDemo

You guys rock!

The gamers that we met, played our games and demoed their ideas to us, the traders, the media and podcasters, the Dice Tower team, everyone we traded games with, all of you made it a fantastic event. We are in your gratitude.

As ever we were so busy we missed much more than we should have seen, but some of our favourite moments were:

playing Race to the North Pole, with the Dized team, Dized
play-testing our new games planned for 2017 with the Ninja Division guys and,



seeing so many gamers getting excited about Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice, Codinca and Guards! Guards!
Indeed the action may have spilled over into the Convention….






Games now in stock!
As you read above, Codinca was loved at Gen Con and is now back in stock, as are Clacks and Luchador. They can all be ordered from our website for shipping around the world or pre-ordered for collection from us at Spiel, Essen.
We are at Hall 1, Booth 148.

Team Backspindle
Just a reminder you too can be part of our story, bag a few free games, mix with the Backspindle gang at events, be part of our play-test team and more. Not only that, but you will also get first notice of some of the games we are planning for 2017. We still have a couple of spaces on our Spiel, Essen team and will have to get t-shirts printed accordingly.
Interested? Here is the link to all the info.

Till next time…remember #gamingisgood

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