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The Collector’s Edition of Discworld Clacks preorder is now LIVE

The Collector’s Edition of Discworld Clacks preorder is now LIVE

Preorder the Collector’s Edition of Discworld Clacks and receive one of five Limited Edition Discworld character bookmarks FREE with your game. These bookmarks will not be available anywhere else.

Discworld bookmarks

As we value every customer, all preorders placed via our website will be posted to you before copies go on general release to retail outlets. We are aiming to do this by 1 October 2021.




The Collector’s Edition of Clacks includes stunning miniatures of Moist von Lipwig on Boris, a Deep Dwarf, and twelve Clacks Towers. It also includes a brand new mini-game called Goblin Glory for you to test your skills as a Clacks’ operator against your friends. Moist von Lipwig



In addition to the Limited Edition Bookmark, every order via our website will be entered into a draw to win this new unopened 1st Edition copy of our Guards! Guards! boardgame. The draw will be done live on Facebook prior to the commencement of shipping of the Collector’s Edition of Discworld Clacks games. Until then it will be guarded by the Backspindle Dragons!

Get ready to take on the Post Office, and recreate the race from the book Going Postal by Sir Terry Pratchett.


Lucha Wars news!

It’s been a long time since our Award-winning wrestling game Luchador! was causing all sorts of shouting, high-fiving, and excitement around the globe.  Many an introvert suddenly knew how to smack-talk and brought their opponents to their knees with a Table Slam. There were indeed many calls for a follow-up game….
So we have answered those requests.
Lucha Wars will hopefully soon be on preorder. Here is a little taster of what you can expect.
The game includes new wrestlers, each with their own strengths and weaknesses and a personal super-size special dice. The new match types are a ‘two v one’ changing alliances, the Weapons Match and a Ladder Match.
Lucha Wars

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