MourneQuest releasing at UK Games Expo 2019

MourneQuest releasing at UK Games Expo 2019

It’s almost ten years since Sir Terry Pratchett blessed us to bring his Guards! Guards! novel to life in a boardgame. For that we will always be so grateful. And now MourneQuest is releasing at the UK Games Expo 2019 (31 May – 2 June). We get to bring another novel to life in a boardgame.

This time it’s MourneQuest, a fantasy teen novel by Garry McElherron.Garry and Games
It’s a bit like an Irish Hobbit / Lord of the Rings, an adventure game with Clurichauns, Nightmares, like the Banshee and a young boy called Jack.  It’s a cooperative adventure game that ramps up against the players as the game progresses. Great fun for both families and more serious boardgame players.

The playing board itself is very unique, in that it’s in the shape of a Celtic cross.

In addition to that, it’s our first game with paintable miniatures. These have been much admired and even by The Dice Tower game reviewers.
Cobs miniatureTess miniatureIur miniaturePlaying MourneQuest

We are delighted to advise that author Garry McElherron and 3D sculptor Alan Perry will be joining us at our booth (2-555) on the Saturday at the UK Games Expo to meet fans and sign games. At this time we would like to pass on our sincere thanks to all the backers who helped fund this game, our play-testers and development team.

You can order a copy of the game here.

Ninja Squad and discounted pre-order UKGE games

Also at the UK Games Expo we will have a limited number of Ninja Squad games available. It’s the first time it’s been available at the Expo and it has already nearly sold out. It has been a big hit with families and gamers alike and of course includes the wonderful chibi Ninja miniatures.

Ninja Squad box coverNinja Squad daytime boardPainted Ninja Miniatures

As a gesture of support all those spending money attending the UKGE in Birmingham this weekend, we have Special Pre-Order massive discounts set up for you of all our popular family games.
Clacks box coverLuchador Box CoverCodinca Travel gameDance of the Fireflies

Stock of each is limited on our booth. Here is the discount page. Hopefully many of you will call in and say hi to us at Booth 2-555.

Good Omens

And finally, in case you missed it… Good Omens becomes a reality on television on 31 May 2019, by sheer coincidence, the same day we release MourneQuest#gnuterrypratchett

MourneQuest live on Kickstarter on Thursday 22 March 2018

MourneQuest live on on 22 March 2018!

The wait is over… our new Irish fantasy 2-4 player fun cooperative board-game MourneQuest, based the novel by Garry McElherron, will be going live on Kickstarter on Thursday 22 March 2018.
We have brought to life the characters and monsters from the book with stunning artwork and matching miniatures.
The game is fun and challenging, easy to learn and is packed with theme from the Mourne Mountains and Irish mythology.
A leading industry reviewer recently advised, “I can’t wait to play it. It’s very cool!”


Here is a preview video from Beasts of War.
Here is the link to our MourneQuest landing page and sign-up for our e-newsletter.

And here is a special link to one of the hero characters being brought to life through time lapse colouring from Alan Perry of the line art of Captain Wonder Cartoons.

Dance of the Fireflies for sale at the UK Games Expo

We are delighted to advise our beautiful 2-6 player card game; Dance of the Fireflies by Oliver Brooks will be on sale at this year’s UK Games Expo, 1-3 June 2018.
The game recently received very high praise from Jeff at The Gaming Gang podcast. You can check it out here.
The review starts at approximately 45:30
You can per-order copies of collection at the UK Games Expo here.
Our booth is: 1-K12

UK Games Expo Booth

Codinca in Barnes & Noble stores

Our acclaimed pocket strategy game, Codinca is being sold across 550 Barnes & Noble stores in the USA. At the time of writing it’s currently ‘out of stock’ in their web store, so grab a copy in your local store.


Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice on sale in USA

Finally, we just wanted to let you know our US partner, Ninja Division currently has our Award Winning, Best #FamilyGame on sale on their webstore You can grab a copy here for just $29.99

Till next time…remember #gamingisgood