Ninja Squad

Ninja Squad

Ninja Squad box coverKids loving Ninja SquadPainted Chibi Ninja miniatures

A fun easy to learn game for all the family

A crack team of deadly Ninja are on a mission to take on the evil Shogun of Aomori. In a fast paced game of sneaky moves & rooftop risks the Ninja Squad try to reach the Shogun’s Palace.

The first part of the mission is through darkened city streets where the Ninja must beware of Guards, Lanterns and other hazards.  They must work together towards their ultimate aim. However, once they have got to the Shogun, the game changes. It’s every Ninja for themselves, as they race to escape before dawn out through the stunning Imperial Palace.

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Night time playing boardDay time playing board

Midnight Raid

Ninja begin the first mission each armed with a Throwing Star. On their way can collect Senjutsu Cards to give them extra advantages against the Shogun’s Guards.  Likewise they must also beware of Guards, standing on a road at the wrong time, or triggering and Alarm.

Dawn Escape

In Dawn Escape the Ninja compete against each other. Above all they want the glory of the mission for themselves by being first to return to the Blue Forest. Each Ninja begins the mission with three Wana (Traps) that they can use to slow down their opponents. They can also collect Buki Cards (Weapons & Items) they can use not only against opponents, but also against the Guards. The Imperial Gardens has different hazards like rivers, lakes and ponds, but each of course can also be used to their advantage.

Guest appearance

We are delighted that four Ninja All Star miniatures (come unpainted) by Ninja Division & Soda Pop Publishing are in Ninja Squad.

New Cooperative Draft Rules for Dawn Escape

Below is a draft set of new cooperative rules double sided booklet for you to download and print where the Guards get to attack the Ninja back with the Buki Weapons.
We hope you enjoy them. Please feel free to leave comments.

Draft New Rules for Cooperative Dawn Escape

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