New Year boardgame sale!

New Year boardgame sale – discounted games

Happy New Year everyone!
Below you’ll find our favourite family games especially discounted for you in our New Year boardgame sale. Additionally this year we are offering all our games to customers in the UK with FREE postage! Yes, really, discounted games and FREE postage. There is something for everyone, family, strategy cooperative and player versus games for you to enjoy.

The boardgame bargains

For instance the deals include our Discworld Clacks game, based on the books of the legendary Sir Terry Pratchett. Our most noteworthy award wining Best Family boardgame winner Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice. Similarly you can also buy our little known, but loved stunning strategy game, Dance of the Fireflies (not many left).  In addition don’t forget the wonderful travel size/coffee time game Codinca that sold in Barnes & Noble stores in the US.  And finally in our New Year boardgame sale it’s our wonderful new family game, Ninja Squad. Each copy comes with an additional playable FREE Wizard miniature (not available through anyone else!) and a set of the new high level cooperative rules.


First of all Codinca was shortlisted in the top three best new Abstract Games at the 2012 UK Games Expo. Secondly it is a very simple to learn game and comes in a robust pocket-size box. It is great for 2-4 players whether with coffee, when travelling or a warm-up or introductory game. The perfect stocking filler!
(UK New Year price just £11.98 – FREE Postage)


(EU New Year price just £11.98 – plus Postage)

(ROW New Year price just £11.98 – plus Postage)

Dance of the Fireflies

Players will use tactical deployment of their Fireflies and of course employ a little bit of sneakiness (by using their Royal Firefly) to outdo their opponent/s to win the coveted job of Royal Gardner. Furthermore we will add FREE OF CHARGE a set of six Firefly Shields, so players can easily hide their firefly tokens and of course their powerful Royal Firefly.
(UK New Year price just £14.99 – FREE Postage)
Dance of the Fireflies

(EU New Year price just £14.99 – plus Postage)

(ROW New Year price just £14.99 – plus Postage)

Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice

An award winning fantastic fun family game. Play with your friends and family. Take on the role of being a Luchador Wrestler without actually hurting anyone. Throw those dice, but be sure to keep them in the wrestling ring. Join up to make Tag-Teams. High-five to tag in and out of the ring… Probably the best ‘real feel’ wrestling boardgame in the world! Check out this review!
(UK New Year price just £22.99 – FREE postage)Luchador! 2nd edition

(EU New Year price just £22.99 – plus postage)

(ROW New Year price just £22.99 – plus postage)

Discworld Clacks

A Discworld Puzzle Game based on the semaphore messaging system featured in Sir Terry Pratchett’s Novel Going Postal. First of all play against your friends and claim the title of Fastest Clacks Operator on the line, or in contrast, play ‘together as a team’ to win the race across the Discworld and prove that Clacks is here to stay.
(UK New Year price just £24.99 – FREE postage)Clacks board game

(EU New Year price just £24.99 – plus postage)

(ROW New Year price just £24.99 – plus postage)

Ninja Squad

A crack team of deadly Ninja are on a mission to take on the evil Shogun of Aomori. In a fast paced game of sneaky moves & rooftop risks the Ninja Squad try to reach the Shogun’s Palace. Another great game for all the family, players must initially work cooperatively towards their ultimate aim. However, once they have got to the Shogun, the game changes. It’s every Ninja for themselves, as they race to escape before dawn out through the stunning Imperial Palace.
Besides the FREE postage if ordered in our New Year boardgame sale 2019, you will also get a FREE Wizard mini add-on pack!

(UK New Year price just £24.99 & FREE postage)Ninja Squad box cover
Mage MiniNew cooperative rules

(EU New Year price just £24.99 –  plus postage)

(ROW New Year price just £24.99 – plus postage)


Our final offering in our Christmas boardgame sale is the Kickstarter edition of MourneQuest. Based on the Irish fantasy book with the same name, we only have a very small number of our MourneQuest Kickstarter Edition games left! Yes, that is correct, ‘including a set of the four exclusive metal Talismans’. Based on the teen Irish fantasy novel of the same name, MourneQuest is packed with fantasy chibi miniatures. It’s a 1-4 player cooperative adventure boardgame where players battle Bogbeans and Nightmare creatures on their way to a final battle with the dreaded Shimnavore. If players do not work together it’s almost certain, they’ll lose the game. Therefore it’s in your best interest to make the best collective decisions and help each other. The game recently got The Dice Tower ‘Seal of Approval’ Here is the video. (Price 63.99 – It’s a big box) MourneQuest boardgame
(UK New Year price just £63.99 & FREE postage)

(EU New Year price just £63.99 – EU orders FREE postage)

Metal Talismans


(ROW New Year price just £63.99 – ROW orders plus postage)

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