MourneQuest – Based on the teen novel of the same name by Irish author Garry McElherron, MourneQuest is a cooperative board game for 1 to 4 players. Average playing time 60-90 minutes.


In MourneQuest players assume the roles of the book’s heroes and must journey in the Mourne Mountains and work together to defeat the evil Shimnavore. On their quest they’ll encounter many enemies:  infuriating Bogbeans, terrifying Nightmares like the Banshee,  Changeling and Dullahan. To triumph, heroes must gather charms, equipment and magical relics. They must also increase their powers and use their skills and combat abilities effectively.

The game offers three different levels of difficulty, from easy to normal, then hard. You can also play the game solo if you want a real challenge.
Can you defeat the myths & legends of Ireland, or will be be doomed to have the Nightmares released on the world of the real?

The chibi style miniatures bring to life the characters and creatures from the book and are a must have for all miniature painters.

All Deluxe Editions include a Finias Brogan miniature and Character Card following his inclusion after our successful Kickstarter campaign. Finias leprechaun

The miniatures and game have been much admired and even by The Dice Tower game review podcast team. They really enjoyed the fact that even though the game challenges players, there is usually hope. They also said it felt like the TV show, Stranger Things trying to keep the evil beasts from getting out.


Reviews of MourneQuest have been very good to date, like this one from Nerdly

SOLD OUT – (Apart from stock for Spiel 2019)
We’d like to apologise the first edition of MourneQuest is no longer available from our website, apart from the pre-order facility for approximately 100 copies left for Spiel 2019.

Spiel, Essen 2019 collection (£60.00)

Of course if you wish, you can paint your miniatures or have a talented miniature painter to do this for you.

MourneQuest MiniaturesBogbean miniatures paintedShimnavore and Merrow

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