How to Play Videos of our boardgames

How to Play MourneQuest

How to Play Videos

On this page we list some of the How to Play Videos of our boardgames. Hopefully this will make it easy for you to get a feel of each game. Additionally it may help spending time reading rule-books. Or if you are in Northern Ireland you may wish to try them in Jack Straws boardgame cafe or Robin’s Hobby Cafe.

Ninja Squad basic game

Paco from GMS Magazine and David take you through the basic cooperative game of our much loved family game, Ninja Squad.

Ninja Squad advanced cooperative game

David gives a quick run-through of the really challenging cooperative version for Ninja Squad that allows for up to five players.

Discworld Clacks

David & Leonard give a quick run-through of how to play Discworld Clacks, a game based around the Going Postal novel by Sir Terry Pratchett.


Andy from Wee Gamers gives a lovely explanation of how what playing MourneQuest is all about. In addition, he offers a few strategy suggestions.

Codinca explained in two minutes

David delivers a very short explanation of Codinca.

Dance of the Fireflies

Hopefully, these videos are easy to follow and helpful.
In conclusion, if there is something you require clarification on please message us through our facebook page.