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MOURNEQUEST - Successfully funded on Kickstarter on 8th June, is now available until 9 November 2018 for Late Pledges to get the game at the discounted Kickstarter price. 

Become a hero of the MourneQuest in mythical Ireland. Team up with other players to collect Charms, increase your Character's Abilities, hunt for Magical Relics, avoid the pesky Bogbeans, Cast-out or fight the Nightmares and prepare yourself for the Final Battle against the dreaded Shimnavore.

And you can also order the very cool add-on pack. Irish Heroes

Based on the fantasy novel of the same name by Garry McElherron, it truly is a boardgame packed with Irish mythical characters and creatures, including the Banshee, the Dullahan (the original headless horseman), the Faerie Folk hero characters, (the Clurichauns) and of course young Jack L

Late Pledge here Here is a video about the birthplace of the MourneQuest world. Birthplace of MourneQuest