Collect games at Spiel 2019

Collect games at Spiel 2019

Below are special discounted prices of the games we have available for gamers to collect at Spiel 2019, Essen.

This year we are in a new location. You can find our team at Hall 5 Booth B130, beside the door into Hall 6. Simply order which games you wish to collect from our booth by 22 October and you secure the big discounted price of the game. Then bring proof of your order with your photo identification and collect your game/s.

MourneQuest – NEW for Spiel 2019! (only £60.00)
MourneQuest Deluxe Edition
An Irish fantasy cooperative game of myths & legends. 1-4 players for age 8 and upwards.


Ninja Squad (only £22.50)
Ninja Squad box cover
A cooperative & player v player game for all the family. 2-5 players for age 8 & upwards.


Discworld Clacks! (only £22.50)
Clacks box cover
Based on the Going Postal novel by Sir Terry Pratchett. 1-4 players for ages 8 & upwards.


Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice (only £18.00)
Luchador Box Cover
Contains a 3D wrestling ring and ropes. Many fun matches inc tag-team. 2-8 players for age 8 & upwards.


Dance of the Fireflies (only £13.50)
Dance of the Fireflies
Stunning player v player strategy game. Players try to outmaneuver each other to win the title of Head Gardener. Age 10 and upwards


Codinca (only £10.50)
Codinca Travel Game

Simple strategy travel game in sturdy pocket size box. 2 – 4 players. Age 8 and upwards.