Christmas boardgame Offers!

Christmas boardgame Offers!

Its our Christmas boardgame offers time again. Get in fast and grab a bargain.

Christmas Codinca

This year our special offer is buy either Clacks, Luchador or Dance of the Fireflies and get Codinca for just £5.99. What a bargain for this really simple engaging strategy game.  If you prefer you can grab a discounted combo for one of the following games with our much loved travel size strategy game Codinca.
Codinca is simply a great wee ten minute strategy game. It came long before Azul, and has sold in Barnes & Noble stores in the US. Codinca comes in a robust pocket-size box with magnetic opening flap. As we have had a poor experience as sellers on Amazon, we always try to put together special offers on our website.

All of our games are fun family games, but can equally enjoyed by gamers and people new to playing games. The rule books are easy to follow and each of the games offers something different from the other.
All shipping is ‘free’ to UK postal addresses and we have discounted our international postage rates.
Please be aware the last ordering dates this year are: UK (18 Dec), EU (17 Dec) & Rest of World (9 Dec)

Clacks & Codinca 

UK Customers  

EU CustomersClacks and Codinca

Rest of World Customers:Clacks and Codinca


Luchador & Codinca 

Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice is all about chucking custom dice into an actual 3D wrestling ring. There are of course re-rolls where players can try to target their opponents dice and knock them out of the ring.
UK CustomersLuchador and Codinca


EU CustomersLuchador & Codinca



 Rest of World CustomersLuchador & Codinca



Fireflies & Codinca 

UK Customers  Fireflies and Codinca

EU CustomersFireflies and Codinca

Rest of World Customers:Fireflies and Codinca

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