Codinca now on pre-order!

The pre-order is live! Codinca can be yours first! 

Codinca box

The very cool pocket Codinca box

Why are we so excited about this? Well, back in 2012 when we published the original limited edition version for Spiel, Essen the game had already been shortlisted for the Award of Best New Abstract Game by the judges at the UK Games Expo. Although it narrowly missed out we knew we had potentially a ‘very good’ game on our hands. Following more play-testing over the last year, we have simplified and cleaned up the mechanics of the game and we feel it’s even better!
The game is now going to be a ‘pocket’ game in a pretty magnetic closing box, which will include rules in English, German, French, Polish, Spanish and Dutch. The retail price will be £14.99
Its official release if fittingly going to be at the 2016 UK Games Expo in Birmingham on 3-5 June 2016, where not only can you play the game, but you can enter the first ever British Speed Codinca Championships here and win a signed copy of the game, a copy of Clacks! and a fantastic Codinca trophy.
(Check out our two minute ‘how play video’ here so you can see how easy it is.)
Games can be pre-ordered here for collection at UK Games Expo (Booth – F7) or if you can’t make it there, copies are due for dispatch on week commencing 20 June 2016, if not before.

Ninja DivisionNew partner for USA
We are delighted to announce Ninja Division Publishing as our new strategic partner for the USA. Our range of games will now be available through Ninja Division Publishing alongside their incredibly successful products including Super Dungeon Explore, Ninja All-Stars, Relic Knights, Alien v Predator, Raid & Trade, 12 Realms, and DrunkQuest. We also aim to work closely with Ninja Division on future projects.

New Backspindle Team Member
Some of you may know Mark Rivera as Blighty Gamer, the game reviewer, others may know him as the designer of Mark Riveraaward winning Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice and co-designer of Ace of Spies, well now you know him as an official member of Backspindle Games. We are super pleased Mark has joined us. He will have responsibilities in social media and marketing, new game concepts and development and of course working on the next expansion of Luchador!

Here he is with our Creative Director, Leonard Boyd getting down to the business of game design.

Welcome Mark!


Guards! Guards! and Clacks! stock running out
Sadly, even though we ordered extra copies of Guards! Guards! for the final print-run ever we are starting to run out. Copies can still be acquired here before it becomes a collectors item and people are trying to sell it a over inflated prices.
Clacks! has also been very popular. We have some copies here and can also let you know that we are shortly going to reprint and in addition are printing in Polish, with Phalanx and in Czech with Rexport.

More social media
Yup we’re moving with the times, picture by picture and video by video. You can now find us at Instagram and YouTube.

Till next time…remember #gamingISgood

Clacks Transmission

Clacks has finally arrived!

Phew, we know it took a while, but we finally got there…. You can read our ‘designers diary’ here.
The game Pat ‘The Duck Man’ Harkin told us in 2012 he could imagine kids in the streets of Ankh-Morpork playing it with bottle tops, had its official release at the Irish Discworld Convention in Cork on Saturday 3 October.
We had a short presentation, a few live audience games and finally a live ‘late night poker’ style match, complete with overhead camera (many thanks Tech) in which two delegates got to challenge Pat Harkin, with the final winner being Milena Milojicic.  Clacks illustrator, Amber ‘Nudge’ Grundy was on hand to present and sign a special copy for Milena. Clacks Release Winner at IDWCon2015
It was great catching up with everyone; especially Colin Smythe and all the gang from the Discworld Emporium. Happily Ian managed to find time for a game of Clacks too. Ian Mitchell playing Clacks with friends
A massive shout of thanks to Siobhan and the whole team for a wonderful convention and to all of you who gave us feedback over the last three years which helped us develop Clacks. We were also delighted with how the Polish version of Clacks turned out. It is being sold by Phalanx

The pre-orders from our website have started the shipping process and all should be completed by Friday 23 October.

Spiel 15, Essen
Strewth, back from the IDWCon on Sunday night and on a plane to Essen Germany for the biggest board game convention in the world on Wednesday morning.  Oh the life of game publishers…demanding. None the less we did it; a complete four man squad of Backspindle Boys to demo, sell, have meetings, mingle and have loads and loads of fun for four of the craziest days of gaming ever.
We also had help which we really appreciate from a lovely German chap called Tobias. Clacks at Spiel 15Bottom line, everybody loved our games; copies of Guards! Guards! were snapped up, (we guess many gamers do not want to miss it before the final print-run is exhausted), Luchador! the crazy fun wrestling dice game, was once again the loudest game at Spiel (check out this video clip – Luchador! dice fun) and finally Clacks, oh goodness, how the gamers at Spiel loved playing the cooperative race game against the Post Office. Some comments were “It’s so simple, yet challenging” and “We love the way you have to try hard to beat the Post Office in the cooperative race.” Spiel was simply fantastic!

In addition to our games at Spiel, the same week Masqueoca took delivery of the first ever Spanish language editions of Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice.

A Luchador body t-shirt. All you need now is your mask.

A ‘Luchador body’ t-shirt. All you need now is your mask.

We also sold a few of our really quirky new Luchador! T-shirts. You can order yours here.

New Game
In preparation for our release of Pocket Codinca for 2016 we also let a few large gaming companies try the simplified rules. They thought it was great too! Here is a mock-up of what it will look a bit like. Codinca




Upcoming events
We are delighted to be supporting Wee Gamers at Heroes and Legends, Eikon Exhibition Centre, Lisburn on 24 & 25 October and again at Belfast Film and Comic Con, SSE Arena, Belfast on 31 October and 1 November.

Clacks – The Fastest (non-magical) Messaging System on the Discworld

Clacks box cover

Clacks box cover

Clacks back of box

Clacks back of game box

Clacks is coming
Just like in the novel ‘Going Postal’ where the Post Office competed hard against the Clacks, we at Backspindle Games have been working hard for the last year to bring fans another board game given life from the books of Sir Terry Pratchett. 
To all of you who play-tested Clacks over the last few years, thank you so much.
Your feedback has greatly helped transform Clacks into a really good game. There are now three types of games that you can play in the box. There is a ‘player versus player’ game, a ‘co-operative race game against the Post Office’ and an introductory ‘two-player game for children’.  We are extremely pleased with the artwork of Clacks created by The Artful Nudger, a.k.a. Amber Grundy.  Not only is Amber a massive Discworld fan, but she is also a very talented artist as you can see from the box cover and base. .

Pre-order giveaway
At last the wait is nearly over… Some of you, like Cheery in ‘Feet of Clay’, may be trembling with nerves and excitement… others can’t wait to beat your friends playing Clacks. We can confirm the official release of Clacks will be at the Irish Discworld Convention in October 2015 and copies can be ordered for collection there in the pre-order.
In addition we have a very special pre-order ‘giveaway’ for the first initial 300 fans to pre-order Clacks.  Our pre-order shall ‘go live’ on the Clacks page at midnight on Monday 11 May 2015 (GMT).

Polish Version of Clacks
We are also delighted to confirm the Clacks with also be released this year in Polish by PHALANX and it will be called Świat Dysku: Sekary.

Guards! Guards! we salute you…
Four magical years of comments such as “It’s like being in a Discworld story” and “the most fun you can have without taking your clothes off” but sadly 2015 will be the last year we can publish Guards! Guards! A Discworld boardgame.  If you know anyone who has not got a copy, or you feel you may enjoy reading the quotes on the 90 Discworld Character cards included in the game the time for buying is now, before they are all gone…

Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice reprint
We are delighted to confirm that Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice (2nd edition) is being reprinted in 2015 and will be available around October. A pre-order will go live before the summer.

UK Games Expo
If you can’t wait until later in the year for the release of Clacks perhaps you’d like to come along at play the latest demo with us at the UK Games Expo from 29 – 31 May in Birmingham.  Our stand is in the hall of Kings.  We will have a very limited amount of copies of Luchador! and Guards! Guards! for sale at this year’s UK Games Expo so you may wish to visit us on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning.

Mohican Runner

The Mohican Runner

Mohican Runner
He has always been a fan of our games, a lover of Discworld and lover of Lego, so when the Mohican Runner (a.k.a Richard Hayes) took on a massive fund-raising challenge we felt the least we could do was offer him our support.  For someone who only started running in 2012 to lose weight, by the end of 2014 Richard had raised over £4000 for the NSPCC by running 13 half-marathons in 13 months, a fantastic achievement! Richard has now taken a break from fund-raising and recently completed the London Marathon. We will be delighted to support him in the future. Well done Richard!

Best Family Game selling out fast in UK

WeDontKnowReplayTagTeamChampions2This week has been amazing!
This week has been amazing! An unbelievable amount of Twitter action at @backspindlegame with loads and loads of happy Kickstarter backers sharing pictures of their copy of Luchador!
Our distributor in the UK, Esdevium Games had 600 copies, and had allocated all of them within the week….. We were delighted when they advised us of the buzz!
They had to limit stores to a small amount before they all went…whao!
Game Salute have approximately 900 copies to sell for us in the United States. Hopefully our games will be loved there just as they have been on this side of the Atlantic.
We also got a big increase of followers on our Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice Facebook page, most of them Kickstarter backers.  Thank you very much everyone!

The Backspindle Boys Leonard and David were recently guests at the Replay Games Club, in Bangor, Co Down. (Thanks Gareth). There they ran a Luchador! tag-team tournament. It was great fun with lots of crazy team names, smack-talking and PIN shouting.
The eventual winners were ‘We Don’t Know’ who triumphed in the final over the Replay Rancheros. We Don’t know were delighted and received a copy of the Luchador! second edition each from Leonard.
Finally we did sell a few games today and do have some in stock if you know anyone who likes a easy to learn, fun, award winning family game for Christmas you know where to send them.

Thank you all so much for the great BUZZ you have created!


Tag-team champions – We Don’t Know

We deliver! – the Best Family Game and more

What a fantastic 2014 for our wee company. Best Family Game of the Year award for Luchador! at the UK Games Expo, a very successful Kickstarter project for the second edition complete with 3D wrestling ring, Championship Belts, New Wrestlers, Advance Fighting rules and more..
We sold out of all games at Spiel, Essen, are making great progress with our 2015 Discworld release, Clacks, and are well on the way to making an app for Codinca….phew.
There are many people to thank, including Mark Rivera, Meowgod, our Kickstarter backers, Esdevium Games, Game Salute and Spiral Galaxy Games. Then of course there are our play-testers, local gaming groups (particularly Wee Gamers and Lisburn Gaming Club, friends and respective families, our game demoers, our IT support and video editor; nearly too many to mention.
All of this support has meant we are delivering copies of Luchador (2nd edition) to Kickstarter backers two weeks ahead of the scheduled date (See, it can be done).
Ok before we write an Oscar acceptance speech and get all teary eyed…..we just better get on with this and show you the sort of emotion we like to see when gamers play Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice.

If you want a piece of the action you can order your copy here. US, South American and Canadian customers can order from Game Salute.
In addition we may also have Luchador published in different languages in 2015.

Discworld Clacks is getting closer to release; indeed we plan to go to print in March 2015 with a release in the summer. We have a talented illustrator on board and have just updated the latest prototypes.

For two weeks we also have a Hogswatch Special Offer for Guards! Guards!

That’s all for now folks. We’ll keep you posted as more happens.

New Backspindle Games website is alive!

Welcome to our new website!

We are delighted our new Backspindle Games website is now LIVE.
Just in time to tell you that Luchador! (second edition) has now been sent off for printing. We keep our fingers crossed for no delays.  Thank you to all the wonderful backers. If you haven’t already done so, please complete your survey on Kickstarter as soon as possible.
Guards! Guards! was due to arrive with us today, but due to no fault of our own we are most likely to received the pre-order copies on Monday and aim to dispatch them on Tuesday of next week.  By way of apology we will enclose a second beautifully illustrated Discworld character bookmark by Stephen Player with each pre-ordered game.

On 18-20 July we will be attending BroCon, in Limerick where we will be play-testing Clacks and hosting a Luchador! Tag-Team Tournament. The game was once again a great success last week at the event in Newtownards.

Backspindle Games had real wrestlers enjoying Luchador! with their young fans in Newtownards

Real wrestlers enjoying Luchador! with their young fans in Newtownards

Over the next few months we will be doing more work on Clacks and attending DWCon 2014. At this event you can play Discworld Clacks and Guards! Guards! both the board game version and the ‘run around the convention version.’

Development work is still ongoing with an app for Codinca. This is a new venture for us and hopefully will be completed and then enjoyed by many.

Have a wonderful summer!


Best New Family Board Game 2014

Best Family Game Award      Best Family Game 2014

The week that started on 1st June 2014 will go down as a landmark week in the Backspindle Games board game history archives!
On Sunday 1 June at the UK Games Expo we were deeply honoured to receive the Best Family Game 2014 Award for Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice (1st edition) from Red Dwarf star Chris Barrie and doubly delighted that our Kickstarter project for the second edition of the same game hit its initial funding target of $16,000 on Saturday 7 June.

‘Pleased and delighted’ does not come close to how fantastic we felt. At this time we’d like to say a massive thank you to all those who helped and supported us with Luchador! in particular the designer, Mr Mark Rivera and our illustrator @meowgod .

At the time of writing our Kickstarter is LIVE with just two days to go. Thanks to the fantastic backers we have already hit two Stretch Goals and hope to have one more really special Stretch Goal before the campaign ends. You can get in on the action here.The 3D ring available via our Kickstarter

The 3D ring available via our Kickstarter

Next weekend Backspindle Boys Leonard and Andy and a few other friends will be at the wonderful Q-Con both selling some copies that are left of Luchador! (1st edition) and demoing our other games.

We would also like to post a big thanks to the guys at Weegamers who held a Luchador! demo evening in Downpatrick with real live wrestlers playing our game for

A real wrestler getting ready for Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice match

A real wrestler getting ready for Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice match

From July 18th-20th 2014 we will be at the growing gaming and anime convention in the University of Limerick called BroCon At it we will be running a Luchador! Tag-Team tournament and David has been invited to play a showpiece game of ‘Cards against Humanity’…..oh dear!

Because we have been so busy with Luchador, we have had to put back our development of our new Discworld board game, Clacks. However as written earlier we will be demoing it at DWCon and will have copies of Guards! Guards! A Discworld boardgame for sale. As always we will be running a ‘Run around the Convention game of Guards! Guards! and David may be doing a little something else this year to keep you all relatively calm in the midst of all the shenanigans.

Finally this is the last week for you to purchase the pre-order discounted copy of Guards! Guards! from our website at only £29.99

Get ready for summer, conventions and fun!

Luchador! Body-Slams its way to victory at the 2014 UK Games Expo!

AwardsLogoCarlsberg don’t make weekends – but if they did I think we just had one.

Three Fantastic days of meeting amazing game fans and some of the loudest and most enjoyable games of Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice, as designer Mark Rivera and the Backspindle Boys showed the UK gaming the public the ropes – and the head locks – and the table slams.

It was great to see so many of our UK backers coming along to meet us. It was even better that so many people who had not known about the game have now pledged after playing Luchador!  On Saturday 31 May we passed the $10,000 mark which is fantastic, and just to put a great big fat cherry on top of that Luchador! won the 2014 UK Games Expo award for Best New Family Game.


Backspindle Boys Leo & David sharing the glory with Ross Jepson & Andreas Stein of Steve Jackson Games who won the award for Best New Abstract Game with “Castellan”.

By 3 June we had 343 backers and are over 75% funded after just 8 days.  We can’t thank you guys enough. We said in the introduction video on this campaign that we wanted to make Luchador! bigger and better. The enjoyment of all the fans who played Luchador! in Birmingham this weekend  (not to mention the nice new shiny Award Certificate that says “BEST FAMILY GAME” on it) has told us we are on the right track. We are working now to get the last bits and pieces prepared for the second edition and are on schedule to have it ready to go to print as soon as this KickStarter closes.  So keep sharing, keep tweeting and spreading the word guys. (If you don’t use social media then just open the nearest window and shout Viva Luchador! at a random passer-by). Thanks everyone Viva Luchador!