The crack team of Ninja Squad are on a mission to take on the evil Shogun of Aomori. In a fast-paced game of sneaky moves & rooftop risks, the Ninja Squad try to reach the Shogun’s Palace.

The first part of the mission is through darkened city streets where the Ninja must beware of Guards, Lanterns and other hazards. They must work together towards their ultimate aim. However, once they have got to the Shogun, the game changes. It’s every Ninja for themselves, as they race to escape before dawn out through the stunning Imperial Palace.
Once confident, players can also try the Super Speedy Ninjas version of the game.

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Welcome to Backspindle Games

Backspindle Games are designers of fun and strategy family board games.

Our catalogue includes as Guards! Guards! & Clacks, both of which are Discworld®  boardgames (based on books of Sir Terry Pratchett®), Codinca, the Award winning Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice, Dance of the Fireflies, Ninja Squad, MourneQuest and Lucha Wars!

We believe that you are never too old or too young to have fun with friends  and family. Our suggestion is playing interactive, cooperative and strategic games. Feel free to join us on social media as we love listening and interacting with fans.

We are delighted to advise the 5th anniversary Collector’s Edition of Clacks is now in-stock together with the long-awaited follow-up to our HIT wrestling boardgame, Luchador! It’s called Lucha Wars and takes fun dice-chucking to a whole to level.

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