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Best Family Game selling out fast in UK

This week has been amazing! This week has been amazing! An unbelievable amount of Twitter action at @backspindlegame with loads and loads of happy Kickstarter backers sharing pictures of their copy of Luchador! Our distributor in the UK, Esdevium Games had 600 copies, and had allocated all of them within the week….. We were delighted […]

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We deliver! – the Best Family Game and more

What a fantastic 2014 for our wee company. Best Family Game of the Year award for Luchador! at the UK Games Expo, a very successful Kickstarter project for the second edition complete with 3D wrestling ring, Championship Belts, New Wrestlers, Advance Fighting rules and more.. We sold out of all games at Spiel, Essen, are […]

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New Backspindle Games website is alive!

Welcome to our new website! We are delighted our new Backspindle Games website is now LIVE. Just in time to tell you that Luchador! (second edition) has now been sent off for printing. We keep our fingers crossed for no delays.  Thank you to all the wonderful backers. If you haven’t already done so, please […]

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Luchador! – Quick Kickstarter update

‘Just one day to go’ and we have tablesmashed our funding goal on our UK Games Expo Best Family Game of the Year 2014, Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice.  You can jump in the ring now and you get everything! Thanks so much to all our backers. You have been fantastic!  

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Best New Family Board Game 2014

      The week that started on 1st June 2014 will go down as a landmark week in the Backspindle Games board game history archives! On Sunday 1 June at the UK Games Expo we were deeply honoured to receive the Best Family Game 2014 Award for Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice (1st edition) from Red Dwarf […]

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Luchador! Body-Slams its way to victory at the 2014 UK Games Expo!

Carlsberg don’t make weekends – but if they did I think we just had one. Three Fantastic days of meeting amazing game fans and some of the loudest and most enjoyable games of Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice, as designer Mark Rivera and the Backspindle Boys showed the UK gaming the public the ropes – and […]

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