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MOURNEQUEST - The board game


Become a hero of the MourneQuest in mythical Ireland. Team up with other players to collect Charms, increase your Character's Abilities, hunt for Magical Relics, avoid the pesky Bogbeans, Cast-out or fight the Nightmares and prepare yourself for the Final Battle against the dreaded Shimnavore.

Irish Heroes

Based on the fantasy novel of the same name by Garry McElherron, it truly is a boardgame packed with Irish mythical characters and creatures, including the Banshee, the Dullahan (the original headless horseman), the Faerie Folk hero characters, (the Clurichauns) and of course young Jack Turner, who will try anything to bring his lost father home safely.

The odds of winning are challenging. The forces of the evil Shimnavove and Nightmares it is controlling are stacked against the players. The challenges get progressively more difficult as the game develops.

If they do not work together, they will probably fail... and doom the world to the emerging evil.

Can you be the heroes of the MourneQuest?

Individually sculpted miniatures 

Changling Changling sculpt Grace Sculpt Iur coloured Iur sculpt

Bringing Tess to life! - Time lapse coloring video

Tess coloring


Latest News!

The rules have been polished, the box cover completed, the 3D miniatures created, the Kickstarter page has been built and we are now aiming for launch at 7pm UK time on 22 March 2018!!!